Me encanta la estanciaBuenos Aires, Spring 2012

Two days ago we went to an estancia (essentially an Argentinian farm) called Rodizio Campo about an hour and half away from Buenos Aires.  It was one of my favorite days of being abroad thus far.  We arrived and took a tractor to a park area where drinks, empenadas, and tea were waiting for us.  Little did we know that this was merely an appetizer for the main course.  Nevertheless, we gorged on the delicious beef empenadas and some strange fried combination of cheese and dough.  We threw around a frisbee, played on the playground, and played on the zipline at the estancia. I tried Yerba Mate tea for the first time (seen below).  For those who have never had Mate, the best way I can describe it is a more full and rich green tea.  It is a very strong tea but is very delicious.  I learned the proper way to use the cups for Mate to optimize the flavor.  I will definitely be bringing some of this back with me to the U.S. Already full, we were summoned into the dining hall to consume our actual lunch.  Lunch was one of the largest meals I have ever had.  It featured a full salad bar, french fries, and a loaf of bread.  For meat, we had not just beef, not just chicken, not just pork (well not for me), and not just sausages (also not really for me) but ALL four meats.  They were served on spits and sliced table side.  Although the meat was for the most part a little dry and over cooked, it had very good flavor. We spent the rest of the day riding bikes around the Estancia, chilling by the pool, and simply relaxing in the shade.  I think one of my favorite parts of today was that I didn’t have to worry about anyone stealing my stuff anywhere.  Although Buenos Aires is for the most part a safe city, theft is still a problem and sometimes when I take photos in the city I become self-conscious of the “tourist” vibes I’m giving off.  I am very happy with the photos I got. [gallery]  
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