The search for waves in SydneySydney, Spring 2012

Here's a link to a bunch of clips/pictures I put together on some of my surf adventures in Sydney and Melbourne! I brought my Eric Arakawa 5'7 Element and 5'9 Pilot with me to Sydney all the way from Honolulu, and the best thing was that it was free to check in my surfboard bag! I recently had to buy another set of fins for my 5'7 board because I forgot my FCS fins back home (my 5'9 Pilot has different type of fins called Futures). I've been trying to go surfing with friends at least once a week. One thing that is really convenient in Australia is that you can take your surfboard with you on the bus and the ferry for no extra charge! My friend Dan even brought his 9 or 10 foot board on the bus with him--you definitely can't do that in Hawaii! I'm pretty lucky to live right on Coogee Beach, because it's fairly close to the other surfing beaches. Maroubra is a 13 minute bus ride south of Coogee, Bronte and Bondi Beach are both about 20-25 minutes north of Coogee. The farthest beach I've surfed at so far is Curl Curl Beach. I had to take a 40 minute bus ride to Cirqular Quay in downtown Sydney, another 30 minute ferry ride to Manly Beach, and another 15 minute bus ride to Curl Curl. One of the best purchases I have made this semester is my 3/2 Roxy full suit I bought from Dripping Wet at Manly beach for $150 AUD. It’s a great wetsuit because even though it’s a girl’s size 14, it fits me perfectly! Surf wax here is expensive, like the rest of everything in Australia! I bought a bar of sticky bumps and it was $4! Back home, I would pay about a dollar for the same thing. Some things I learned about wetsuits: 1. Wetsuits are probably the best kind of sun protection. You don’t need to wear sunscreen except for your face! The first time I went surfing after buying my wetsuit, I put sunscreen all over, and only after I was done I realized that I was just going to wear a wetsuit. Bye-bye leash tan! 2. There’s a difference between sealed seams and non sealed seams. My wetsuit has no sealed seams, so it lets in more water than sealed seamed wet suits, but I like it better because sometimes you get really warm in your wetsuit when its really sunny. 3. Peeing in your wetsuit is even better than it sounds! It’s inevitable, and really warms you up. Also, nobody can tell when you’re doing it. There's even a Facebook page on it, believe it or not-- 4. Last but not least, wetsuits protect you against sealice! I decided to toughen it out and surf my 15 minute heat at Curl Curl without a wetsuit (I was the only one surfing without one) even though I had it with me. It was a really sunny day and I figured I could last 15 minutes easily! I was actually fine during my entire heat, but when I went for a quick surf afterward, I got bitten ALL over my body by sealice! Apparently they come from the seaweed in the ocean and are like little invisible jellyfish. The next week the bites got really itchy and I was pretty miserable.    
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  1. I’ve also discovered the benefits of using a wetsuit. At first, I did not like it because it feels strangely tight and when you take it off it is such a hassle….but for functionality, I realized my day goes so much more smoothly when I’m surfing.

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