13 days in BaliSydney, Spring 2012

So it seems like everyone in study abroad has left Australia except me, but it’s because I just came back from BALI! I spent the last 13 days there and it was also an amazing trip, unlike any other place I have experienced before.

13 days in Bali is more than enough time to do sightseeing and eating to your stomach’s content of ono grinds, but it’s not enough time if you want to surf as well.

I definitely experienced the importance of clean water, and that all resources should not be taken for granted. After coming back to Sydney, brushing my teeth in tap water seemed a little odd at first because I brushed my teeth with only bottled water and only drank bottled water there! Even brushing teeth with bottled water made me want to use as little as possible, because using too much would mean that I wouldn’t have a lot for drinking water.

People say that bargaining in Bali is a necessity, and it is. At first I was a little hesitant to bargain for a taxi and souvenirs. my friends even bribed a poilice officer from sentencing him for 4 months in prison because he went half a foot over a white line at a stop light. Bargaining is a huge part of their culture, and they have gotten used to foreigners bargaining with them. However, that being said, they still take full advantage of the fact that you are a foreigner and that you have no idea what price you should be bargaining for. One time at a flea market in Seminyak, I wanted to get two bintang towels and two singlets and her offering price was 700,000 rupiah (which is about $73 USD). After a lot of bargaining, I got the price down to 140,000 rupiah

Readjusting back to Sydney life is easy, and even when in a taxi downtown, I kept thinking heaps of mopeds would zoom by and cut us off, but none ever did. It was also hard to find a decent restaurant for dinner, since I was so accustomed to the prices in Indonesia. Every restaurant seemed so overpriced! In bali, I could get a huge portion of incredible Indonesian food with a drink for 30,000 rupiah (around US$3). Of course not all Indonesian restaurants are the same, and we went to a bunch of other high-end touristy restaurants, which had more expensive foods, but even at those places I ended up paying about 50-90 thousand rupiah for! All the restaurants in indo seemed to have a long waiting period after ordering food, except for the warungs, which are Indonesian food places where the dishes are already cooked and you can pick which sides you want.

On my last day, I woke up early at 8 check surf at padang and uluwatu…padang surf too small uluwatu too crowded and low tide. I had my leftover vegetarian pizza from trattorina the lunch the day before for brekkie. We went to padang beach to cruise but it rained and then I bought bracelets and a sarong. Bargained the bracelets for 25,000 and the sarong for 40,000. I had to use the bathroom and that was 3,000 rupiah! We went to padang padang inn and got the fried noodles with chicken and egg for 30,000 rupiah. It was sunny so we went back to the beach and walked down the beach/rocks and skipped stones in the water and took pictures. I wanted to surf so we went back to sekar sari and then got my board. I surfed the main padang rights with little groms for over an hour and my back was a little sore from my wipeout at uluwatu so I was careful not to go too crazy out there. Tons of people and beginners! Some good sets though. Sun was crazy hot and my friend felix was burning back on the beach! Went to dinner at mango tree to have my chicken burger one last time with a smoothie and a bintang. I realized I didn’t have much cash left so we left dinner at like 7:30pm and we had to leave padang at like 8ish so we were scrambling to get my stuff all ready before the flight back to Sydney.

Overall, the trip to Bali was so much fun and definitely would go there again! I only have a week left in Sydney till I finally depart back home. Today the surf in Sydey was actually bigger than the sets at Padang Padang when I left, but it was still not very solid. I’m starting to miss the surf back home and can’t wait to surf in the warm waters of Hawaii :)

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