snow day!Dublin-TCD, Fall 2009

Sort of.  Remember those evenings when the snow would be coming down hard and we'd stay up watching the delays and cancellations notices hoping that Zionsville Community would show up at the very end of the scroll?  And every now and again it would but generally we'd head out at 6:30 the next morning, as usual, in feet of snow to get to school.  Well I have a little snow day of my own today - classes have been cancelled!  I only have one at 9 am, but it's a nice treat to have sort of a lazy morning!  Funny thing is that there's no snow.  It's not even because of the flooding or anything else weather related.  Instead 250,000 state employees are on strike - including a majority of the faculty at Trinity. The strike stemmed out of a proposal by the Irish government to cut the public sector budget by 1.3 billion euros.  Workers in this sector include nurses, prison officers, local authority workers and any public services officer.  Essentially there will be no public transportation services, no museums and no school today.  Tomorrow the unions will resume talking with the government, to try to reach a compromise for the bill and even begin a long-term restructuring of the public services sector.  They'll have to talk quickly though as there are only two weeks until the new budget is due.   I think this is all very exciting!  Some people here are calling it "[b.s.] and socialism" (my roommate) but I think it's exciting that a group of workers is standing up against a much more powerful institution and are trying to work something out.  They're not being violent, simply trying to make a point.  I'm not sure if there will be picketing or protests and demonstrations today but I'll be sure to keep you updated!  In the meantime, I'll be having a relaxing morning working on some papers.....happy snow day!
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