Top Ten Things About Living In DublinDublin, Spring 2011

Okay folks. I have been in Dublin for nearly two months. Below I have included the top ten best things about living in Ireland’s capital city (top ten worst things in an accompanying post).

10. Friendliness of the Locals: The Irish are an incredibly sociable, warm, and welcoming people. (Want an example? Just check out the IES staff!) I can’t remember a time when I did not feel welcome, despite not being Irish myself.

9. Dogs Not on Leashes: I can count on one hand the number of dogs in Dublin I have seen constrained by a leash. Maybe the dogs are just better behaved, but I seriously doubt that. The Irish have a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to dog training.

8. In a City but Still Green: Despite living in a city, green trees, bushes, etc. can be found throughout Dublin. New York City may need to learn a thing or two about green space from Ireland.

7. Please Don’t Use the Dryer: At home, I rarely use the dryer; I have always hung my clothes to dry. The fact that it is more or less socially unacceptable to drive up your energy bill using the dryer makes me smile…a lot.

6. Aged yet Beautiful: Trinity College Dublin recently celebrated its 400th year. Although the school is older than the United States, its beauty is quite striking and remarkable. Just look at the Front Square’s cobblestone and arch.

5. Cars? Who Needs Them: For those of you like me, being able to walk everywhere and anywhere in the city is perfect. I am from the country so knowing I do not need a car (basically ever) to get where I need to go is quite refreshing.

4. Proximity of Howth: I would love to retire on the seaside in the town of Howth. Since it is so close to Dublin, when the weather gets nicer I plan to spend numerous afternoons hiking around the cliff walk.

3. No White Stuff from the Sky: Two winter months and I have not seen any snow! (Granted, I missed the entire country shut down a few weeks before I came.) Quick shout out to Schuylkill Haven and all its snow!

2. Young is an Understatement: Dublin has the youngest population of any European capital. It is impossible to walk through the city center and not see someone my own age. Students abound.

1. Still Not the US: It has been two months, and I love Ireland. Even if you go searching for similarities between US and Irish culture, such as our stolen adaptation of St. Patrick’s Day, Irish culture will always be different. Studying abroad is one of the best decisions you can make. Dublin has given me room to improve my confidence and to grow (as cliché as that sounds).

So no matter what I list as the worst parts of living in Dublin, this list outweighs it 10:1.

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