Only Six More Days…Dublin, Spring 2011

26: the number of Maloneys in the entire Penn State system. 70: an estimated number of Maloneys in Dublin based on an online phonebook search. It looks like I will be living in a city that is much larger than the State College area and that has nearly three times the number of people with my surname! I leave for Dublin in less than a week, maybe I should start packing! Today we took a trip to AAA to pick up some euros and an adapter plug. I’m not planning on taking my hair dryer but needed to make sure I have a way of plugging my computer into the outlets over there! I still need to pick up some of those air saver bags to make some extra room in my suitcase. Multiple people have told me to lay out what I want to take with me and cut it in half; I am a little worried I will not have enough clothes with me, but I know I need lots of room to bring things back with me. At least I will save some room buying toiletries in Dublin. Aside from a few packing needs, I feel pretty prepared to go. I have accepted I will be going abroad well before my friends start classes at Penn State (even though I technically don’t start classes until a week after they do). I have been reading a few Ireland travel guides and have talked to family members that have traveled abroad before. Even though Scotland and England are not the same as Ireland, all the advice they have given me will certainly prove useful! I was able to use Christmas as a means to getting a few heavier duty sweaters and shoes. Since Europe is experiencing unseasonable snows, I made sure I got a pair of rain boots with a liner (the shoes can double as snow boots and rain boots with the simple addition or removal of the liner). One fashion item I am going to sincerely miss is my pile of sweatshirts. In the U.S., no one really sees a problem with wearing a sweatshirt every day. My jeans and a sweatshirt look will have to wait for next fall to be worn again. Up to this point, I probably sound pretty relaxed about my trip. Not so. I will be getting my cell phone once I am in Dublin. I am taking this approach because of the money I will save, but, in the states, my phone is my life line. It will feel strange and be a tad stressful not being in possession of one for a little while. And, of course, like any other student would be…I am nervous for the academic challenges Trinity brings! T-minus six days and counting….
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  1. Good Luck Jennifer!!!!!

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