What’s the Weather Like?European Union, Spring 2011

[gallery link="file"] The question I am asked most by anyone I speak to from home is "What is the weather like there?" It is time for me to put that question to rest. I can only vouch for the weather for the Spring program in Freiburg, but in my opinion Freiburg is cold.  I grew up in New York and go to school in Atlanta and Freiburg is definitely colder than both of those areas.  With the Spring program you arrive in mid January and leave in mid May.  From January to the end of March, expect to wear your winter jacket, it is cold out.  By April Freiburg starts to warm up to where you can get by with shorts.  Once it reaches May, Freiburg is amazingly beautiful and all you want to do with your time is spend it outside enjoying the sun.  On average, I would say that Freiburg is about 5-10 degrees colder than New York at any given point.  Precipitation has been extremely mild, it has snowed no more than three times while we have been here and only rained about three days as well. Keep in mind that for three weeks out of the program you are traveling.  If you choose for the last trip to go on the north trip, for all three of your trips you go to places that are colder than Freiburg.  The pictures I posted are from days where the weather was good. On days when the weather was bad, I didn't really take any pictures. That being said, Freiburg is a beautiful place in the Spring, Summer, and most of the Fall (from what I hear).  There were also some days in February and March where we were able to comfortably sit outside in t-shirts.  Alright, I hope that gives you an idea of the weather, but keep in mind that weather is a very subjective thing.
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