The Complete Spring in Freiburg Packing ListEuropean Union, Spring 2011

One of the most difficult things for me before coming on the spring trip was knowing what clothes to pack and how much clothing to bring.  Now that you have a little bit of an idea about the weather in Freiburg, I figured I would tell you what I brought and what worked for me.  Keep in mind that this is just what I brought and that there is no “right” or “wrong” packing list.  I intended to take pictures of all of the major items I packed and have some great pictures to show exactly what I packed and what I found worked for me.  However, it turns out that taking pictures of mostly clothes is not that visually appealing.  Here’s an overview of the things I packed for my trip.

Three items I found most useful were the medium sized backpack (which I used as a backpack for class, as a weekend bag, and as a shopping bag as you have to bring your own bag to supermarkets), swiss army knife, and reusable water bottle.  One thing I found that I didn’t really need were a ton of converters.  I got by with one and didn’t feel like I needed another.

I tried very hard to pack light because I knew I wanted to buy souvenirs home and did not want to go over any weight limits.  Here is a list of everything I packed:

8 Short sleeve shirts

3 Sweaters

2 Long sleeve shirts

2 Light sweater/zip ups

14 Pairs of socks

14 Pairs of boxers

4 Pairs of jeans

2 Pairs of shorts

Bathing suit

3 button up shirts

A Pair of khakis

One Business formal suit

3 Ties

2 Suitcases (A large one and a smaller one for the week long trips, it worked for me but you should consider taking two large ones if you like to pack a lot)

2 Going out shirts

Pea Coat

Ski Jacket

Pair of ski gloves

Winter gloves


1 hat

1 pair of work out clothes

Dress shoes

Running shoes

2 Causal shoes


Flip Flops (for hostels)

Swiss army knife



Backpack (for day trips)

Reusable water bottle

Electric Razor

One European power adaptor

Tide to go

Hand sanitizer

A few bandaids/sick medicine



(Consider bringing a backup hard drive, I didn’t bring one but some people had their computers crash on the program)




Green tea- I have a favorite brand and could not go without

Gum (if you have a favorite brand it may not be available here)

German dictionary


Phone card (my parents bought this for me and I didn’t come close to using all of the minutes)

2 Towels (I traveled for a little before the program started, but you can definitely buy towels easily anywhere)

Flash cards

Pens (I just happened to throw both the flash cards and the pens into my bag but you can easily get school supplies in Freiburg)

Consider bringing a deck of cards

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