Food in FreiburgEuropean Union, Spring 2011

[gallery link="file"]   One of my main concerns before coming to Germany was how would I find the food.  I am a relatively picky eater and do not eat red meat (or pork).  I have found the food in Freiburg to be very good.  As a large university town, you can get almost any type of food you can imagine. During a typical day during the semester I would cook breakfast (eggs usually), eat lunch at the Mensa, then cook my own dinner.  That being said, there are people on the program who would take advantage of Freiburg's great pastry shops for breakfast, eat at a great food court in the center of the city for lunch, and enjoy dinner at one of Freiburg's delicious restaurants. One of the foods I was not expecting to enjoy is the Doner.  Doner is a Turkish-style meat wrap (you can get either chicken or beef usually) wrapped in a pita like dough mixed with vegetables.  You cannot leave Germany without at least trying the German/Turkish meal. Overall, I think the quality of food and food selection is probably not as good as you would get in a typical large US city because people don't eat out as much in Europe.   I think it does mean that restaurants are of better quality because they have to be really good to stay in business.  However, expect to pay a pretty penny for a three course meal.
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