EU Institutions Field TripEuropean Union, Spring 2011

[gallery link="file"] We got back from our second IES-run field trip last Sunday.  It was a week full of speakers, traveling, tasting, and exploring.  IES splits you into two groups- one focused on economics and the other political science.  I decided to go on the economics trip where we visited Frankfurt, Brussels, and Paris.  The other group went to Luxembourg, Brussels, and Paris.  Even though we were in the same cities for most of the trip, we heard from different speakers. IES does a great job of balancing academics and real world experiences.  For every city we visit they hand us a packet with some historical background of the city and various places to visit.  They were really helpful in finding museums to visit and the types of local foods to look for. In addition to the week long field trips, Wednesday afternoons are reserved for shorter trips.  This past Wednesday we had a trip to Strasbourg where we visited the European Parliament.  There we sat inside the chamber and heard Lady Catherine Ashton address the Parliament  about the EU's policy towards the Middle East.  It was an experience that you could not have had if you were studying in the US.  Next Wednesday there is an optional trip to Geneva to visit the United Nations offices.  The traveling never stops!
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