With a bruised pride and rump, I return from the Alps.Vienna, Spring 2012

In a blink of an eye, February has come and gone.  It’s really quite astonishing just how fast the time goes by when you’re abroad – so I can’t stress it enough to try to enjoy every minute of it.  One day you’re just getting into Vienna, and the next you’re here for two months it would seem! By now, classes have finally normalized into a pretty clear cut schedule – though my extracurricular activities are never quite routine as I find myself trying to fit in as many operas, concerts, and other little things into my schedule as I can. Then before I knew it, it was already time for the IES ski trip – which it felt like I’d just returned from the Berlin trip! Well, let me warn you now.  While the ski trip is wonderfully organized and an all-around great experience, it’s definitely not for everyone.  Take, for example, me.  I’d never been skiing before.  Hell, I’d never even laid eyes on a pair of skis long enough o figure out how they functioned – but I’d been adventurous and decided there was no time like the present when I’d decided to sign up for the trip. While I can now say that I skied in the Austrian Alps, I am also asking myself the following questions on a daily basis in its aftermath:  “Who decided it would be fun to strap on two pieces of wood to their feet before throwing themselves off the side of the mountain with metal sticks in their hands?  Who thought that’d be a good idea?” As you can imagine, this was formulated after many, many instances of me rolling down the side of the mountain – getting more ground on my face than by the actual use of ‘skis.’  It imagine it looked quite similar to the giant snowball heap seen in many a Looney Tunes cartoon. Alas, you live and learn.  While I’m happy I got to do it – I can also safely say that I do not possess the grace for winter sports. I’ll happily sit in the lodge with a hot chocolate and read a book instead, thank you!  
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