Reg dich ab!Vienna, Spring 2012

Just today, I had the realization hit that I, Jasmine Hunter, was going to be boarding a plane bound for Vienna, Austria in a matter of days.  One would think that after approximately three months of knowing this, Realization and I would have already broken the ice, wined and dined.  Well, sorry Realization.  I never quite excelled in the ‘taking hints’ category, but you have my undivided attention now!

Yes, it has dawned on me in the form of a near panic attack (that would have registered as a 7.5 on the Richter Scale) as I realized that I would be going out of the country for the first time in my life without knowing anyone I would be traveling with.  It is in this splendid mix of unbridled excitement and free-falling terror that I’ve found myself able to transition seamlessly from one to the other at the most inopportune of times.  One moment I think about how I will be looking at the glorious traces of the Hapsburg Empire and walking the streets of Vienna, and the next I think how I have yet to even exchange words with the landlord/lady of my homestay.

Luckily, it would seem this emotional whiplash is a totally normal occurrence upon reading the first posts of other IES Bloggers.   After seeing that I wasn’t the only one alternating between the settings “giddy” and “nervous breakdown”– I decided to do the only logical thing in such a situation.

I decided to crank it down a notch and actually relax during my last few days here in the states – much to the relief of my hostage audience [Read: my dearest friends] who had to bear the brunt of my anxieties (i.e.  Do I even know how to speak German?  What does Chinese food taste like there?  What if I get off the plane and find myself in Sydney?).   Yes – with those important worries dispelled from my mind for the moment, all I have to do is take a few deep breaths and continue packing.  Of course, by continue packing I mean cast glances at my open, empty suitcase every time I leave my den to go to the kitchen.  For the record, every time I pass it I say to myself “Boy, Jas, we should get on that!”  I then return with soda can in hand and all intents and purposes of doing said chore, only to find myself in an endless spiral of cute animal videos by 4 in the morning, and having only successfully packed a pair of socks in the end.

As I did again tonight.

But the good news is if I keep this up, I will have 5 whole pairs of socks packed away by Tuesday night!  Maybe that will be enough to convince Realization that he should really help me with all this packing business.

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