Ich kann Deutsch, aber–!Vienna, Spring 2012

Upon arrival in Vienna, I found myself greeted with the all-foreboding German intensive course.  Somehow, I've squeaked into the Advanced placement course - though I'm still unsure if my poor Germglish is really up to par.  I suppose I'm ready to find out! Anyway, the first three weeks of class within Vienna will actually consist of only German intensive - which lasts for three hours every day.  It's actually not as bad as it sounds, so far.  It can be a challenging and a little work intensive, but I've still found plenty of time to relax and pop into some Viennese Cafes while I'm studying or doing a worksheet. While you're in German intensive, IES will throw a bunch of things your way too.  Case in point - right now I'm trying to figure out exactly what courses I'm going to be taking for the rest of the semester!  There are so many options, and while I had picked out quite a few preemptively, now that I'm here I'm thinking of changing all of my plans.  Thankfully, IES's staff is really helpful and encourages you to change from what you originally 'signed up for' if you feel there's another opportunity that better suits your purposes. Case in point being, so far the staff is incredibly accommodating and will keep you from wanting to crying yourself to sleep at night because you chose to take a politics class instead of that super-cool history class that goes on excursions on a weekly basis.  So worry not, my friend!  The IES staff is around to not only help you 'squeeze the juice' of your Vienna experience, but they want you to have a fun and interesting semester during your stay in Vienna - and I've found that this hands on attitude is perfect when you're trying to transit from one place to another! Oh, and if German Intensive seems like a scary monster looming over the horizon - don't worry!  While it will keep you busy, the promise of a week-long break (or IES trip, which is what I signed up to do) will surely help to keep your choo-choo chugging down the track.
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