A Heartfelt Farewell – Teaching IntershipVienna, Spring 2012

As I write this, I am entering my finals week in Vienna as well as my last week of my teaching internship.  In fact, I've already queued up Word Pad in order to write a few gushy letters to my four classes of Austrian students to hand out to them tomorrow morning.  It's going to be hard to say goodbye to them come Monday morning, because they've become such an integral part of my Vienna experience. Heck!  It's hard to come to terms with leaving Vienna - period!  It really has become my second home by this point in time.  I've grown to love the atmosphere and the people. There will be enough time to make a post about  my feelings towards view though, this is mostly for the wrap up of my Teaching Internship.  Dear reader, if you get the chance - sign up for this course.  It will really change your Vienna experience and may even change your life.  I feel I have a better understanding of Vienna's culture due to the fact that I sat down with Austrian students for 4 hours every week and talked with them.  I helped them with English, and I feel like we honestly all became friends, but I feel as if these students helped me even more.  They broadened my perspective, and I've felt I've learned a lot from them too.  So if you have the time, if you have even the slightest bit of interest in teaching - I would take the gamble and sign up for this internship.  My experience was beyond fantastic. It's really hard to say goodbye though.  There's a realization that you were part of these kids' lives for only a few months - and you have to wonder where they're going to go.  All I can do is wish them the utmost luck as they continue on, as well as a safe and happy life. That's about all you can do in this situation, huh? Man, starting to say goodbye is much harder than I ever thought it would be at the beginning of all this!
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