July 4th in the Good ‘Ol UKLondon, Summer 2012

July 4th in the UK was an unbelievable experience. As we all should know, the US received its independence from England many centuries ago. This summer I am experiencing one of the US’s most patriotic holidays in the UK—the irony of it all!!! My day was pretty casual at work. My boss remembered that it was 4th of July and decided to let me out a little early to enjoy the US holiday with my program. Once I got out of work, I met my friends from IES to prepare for the night. I found out that there were many events for Americans throughout London to commemorate July 4th. To be honest, I am not very patriotic, but for some reason I felt like repping the good old red, white, and blue heavy that night. My friends and I painted our faces with the American flag and wore patriotic clothing! We left Nido singing the National Anthem continuously until we reached our first destination. Our first stop was Blue’s Kitchen in Camden Town where we watched a hot dog and bbq ribs eating competition with many more Americans cheering on the participants! The experience was unbelievable. It was a great time to meet other Americans in which we bonded rather quickly. After the hot dog eating competition we ended our night at Kamoulo nightclub where Americans got in for free. The entire night they played American songs as we danced the night away.



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