Few Tid BitsLondon, Summer 2012

Ive been here for sometime now and I’ve been able to catch up on a few phrases or gestures that I’ve noticed many Brits do. Here are a few things that Ive happened to catch up on:


-“Cheers” I believe that saying cheers is similar to saying thank you.

-”I’m pulling your leg” Im only messing with you

-Pardon me” excuse me. Warning: never say excuse me to another Brit. They probably will not respond.

-“Cheerio” thank you or hello


Another thing that I have noticed while being in the UK is that the Brits are not very warm when you meet for the first time. It is pretty easy for me to carry on a casual conversation and open up to another individual. However when you are conversing with another Brit conversations are strictly about the weather or work. Brits never seem to get personal too quickly.  It takes sometime for them to warm up to you. If you meet a Brit, don’t take it personal if they are unwilling to get too personal with you. We all have different cultural perspectives and do things differently.





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