Egg McMuffins, Taco Bell, and Donkey BurgersBeijing, Fall 2009

In case you never knew, the best part of going abroad is the fine cuisine. And in Beijing that is exactly what the title is. You think I joke? Oh, you wish! Egg McMuffins The Rise of the Chinese economy saw rise to a new type of business, the 个体户, or roughly a small business owner. This can be seen everywhere in Beijing from fake DVD sales, to treats on the street... but I personally see this everyday as I get off the bus to Beiwai University in the form of food vendors. Now my personal favorite one is somebody who with a (what I am sure is) FDA-certified cooker-thingy-ma-jiggy makes what can only be described as a Chinese Egg McMuffin. This is just what it seems, egg, possibly cheese and a small sausage piece within a English muffin. Delicious, and I somehow feel that this is more healthy than whatever it is you get at McDonalds. You can even see that they are using real eggs! (Try that at McD's!) Taco Bell What is the first rule of eating Taco Bell? NEVER look inside. Delicious, if you don't know what it is you are eating. This is basically the same thing as when you order a few 饺子(Jiaozi) or 包子(Baozi), Chinese dumplings. They are amazing, delicious, cooked right in front of you on the magic Chinese steamer machine (Which I am contemplating buying one before I get back because they just look awesome). You literally are handed them right from the top of the steamer. Beautiful. I again hold firm that these are immensely better for you than anything at Taco Bell. And the best part is, I only pay about 1$ for two plates of Jiaozi... which is waaaaay plenty to fill me up. Donkey Burger Did you read that right? Of course! Right by Beiwai in "food alley" there is a restaurant that serves 驴肉, or donkey meat. In here there is a Gyro-esque burger-thingy ( I need to work on my adjectives) that is by far one of the best darn meats I have ever tasted. It sounds crazy, and we were all very nervous the first time (shown by our constant using of "Hey, that's a nice 'donkey' you got there"puns). In the end, this is definitely anybody who goes to Beijing must try. Much better idea than those people who go and eat scorpion on a stick.
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  1. I am soooooooo glad you are not only getting a proper education——but you are eating well too!

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