Midterms…check. Packed for Pars…check.Berlin, Spring 2011

We just finished midterms and it's so strange to think that we are already half way done. My first few weeks here I was already ready to go home but now I know I will definitely miss Berlin and it's culture when I got home but that's a different story. Midterms had a similar set up to finals at an American university. We did not have class the week of midterms, just the exams at their scheduled times. Now that we are done with midterms I believe it's time to celebrate. To Paris we go! If you have not seen Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn you must see it soon. Here is a little clip showing the sights and sounds of Paris. I have watched the clip many times this last week and it makes me so excited!
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  1. PS I realize I misspelled Paris. Sorry! I was so excited for our trip that I left out an “I”.

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