Do YOU like salt? I do. So does Enrique Iglesias, apparently.Buenos Aires, Spring 2012

This was filmed on the Salar (salt flats) in Uyuni Bolivia. It's a prehistoric lake (or was part of the ocean?) that dried up after being raised by plate tectonics (that could be completely wrong, but it's how it was described to me). In the rainy season, it becomes the earth's largest mirror. They export the salt as well. Things to consider: The salar is several square kilometers in area, and several meters deep. How much popcorn could be salted with all of the salt? All of the popcorn ever consumed, ever? For how many years to come could we have salted popcorn with just the salt from Uyuni? If we were to only eat salt from Uyuni, how would we export it? If you were stuck in the middle of it (google earth it for more perspective), which way would you run? If salt were black, how much bacon could you cook on the surface of the salar? How much tofu bacon? (but honestly, who eats tofu bacon?) If you could curve the salar, and maintain its rainy-season reflectiveness, could you use it as a giant mirror to shoot light beams like the death star and destroy incoming astroids? Would doing so be detrimental to the ozone layer? In the third Pirates of the Caribbean film, Jack gets stranded in a very similar place to this. The salar is the flattest place on earth. What could you do with something so flat? Bowling? If you want something more serious, go read my written post about Bolivia.
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