Das Stimmt, GenauEuropean Union, Fall 2011

My program has been over for four days, and I still haven't been able to process it. When I wake up I keep expecting to be in my German dorm room, where I'll get ready, catch the number 3 trams towards Vauban, and meet up with my friends at the IES center. As my final post, the thing I want to share the most is the friendships I made. I'll admit, at the beginning I was very skeptical that I'd get close to anyone in the program. But throughout our travels, our classes, and all of our spare time spent together, our group developed a bond that is like family. At our home universities, most of us probably wouldn't even be friends, because we're all so different. But after spending nearly all of our time together for four months, we grew to love what was so unique and different about each one of us.   So despite all the travel, the adventure, and the education I've had during my semester in Freiburg, I'm going to miss my friends the most. They taught me more about myself and the rest of the world than I could have ever imagined. They showed me that if you open yourself up, people will surprise you, because there's always more to someone than you may originally think.
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  1. Great job with this! Your videos are much more than blogs…they’re truly inspiring, and a viewer can definitely appreciate your experience even without words (if you were to hit mute). I’m video blogging this coming semester…hopefully my posts will turn out as good as yours!

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