Berlin and PragueEuropean Union, Fall 2011

Life in Freiburg has been a whirlwind so far, but nothing compares to our first Field Study in Berlin and Prague. We packed so much into one week, my mind is still spinning. Berlin was alive and full of history. We explored the city with tours and museums ranging from the Holocaust to the Cold War. We then visited a Stasi Prison and spoke with former inhabitants of East Berlin, one who attempted escape three times. After that, we payed a visit to the Parliament, an overwhelming and powerful institution. Yet out of everything, visiting the Berlin Wall was the most profound experience for myself. The artwork on the East Side Gallery was amazing and interesting and inspiring. We were all sad to say goodbye to Berlin, but Prague gave us a wonderful welcome. This city  is entirely unique. We were able to meet with representatives from the Czech Republic and Slovakia as well as a prominent Czech journalist. Learning how both countries function in the European Union gave us all some new insight. Prague itself has been compared to Paris, and now I know why. It was beautiful, and I already want to go back. Besides enjoying the cities and learning about them, this Field Study bonded us as a group. I now know most of the kids in the program, something I couldn't say a week ago. If this trip was any indication of how the rest will be, I'm in for the best semester of my life.
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