One week down, five more to go.Melbourne, Summer 2011

My first week in Australia was amazing. I still haven’t seen a kangaroo, but I’m not complaining. Being in Melbourne is nothing like I imagined it to be. Before coming to Australia I had this thought that all of Australia and Australians were like the crocodile dundee and the Outback. I was completely wrong. The city of Melbourne is amazing and very diverse. I had the assumption that everybody in Melbourne was white with a thick Australian accent, I was wrong. I was surprise to see how many different cultures, races, and ethnic groups were here. And since the city is so diverse, so is the food. The food choices are vast and delicious, just like the cafes.  Melbourne is a large industrial city that has surprises around every corner. My favorite thing to do is to get lost downtown, because you never know what you will find. You might walk down the alley of creative graffiti, a street of delicious cafes, or even china town. Besides the city, we went to Apollo bay. This place was really pretty. It was right on the coast so that was really cool. There we went to a rain forrest. We were able to go high up in the trees and see the whole rain forest from that view. It was an awesome experience, but the only problem was that it was raining alot. But what do you expect from a RAIN forest. Im looking for the next 5 weeks to come. I know I will make some australian friends and see a kangaroo so that is pretty exciting.  
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