Study timeSalamanca, Fall 2011

As finals have finally come upon us, these past few days have consisted of studying, studying and some more studying. As I have been constantly in the library studying and writing my 10-page research paper (yes, in Spanish) for my politics class, I have to admit that I was a bit stressed this week. However, a great study break was watching El Clásico, the big match between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. I had been waiting for this game since the summer and couldn’t believe that the day had finally arrived! To show my enthusiasm for the game, I was completely decked out in Ronaldo’s jersey, a Real Madrid scarf and lots of stickers. We went to a bar close to the Plaza to watch the match and I was surprised to notice that only Americans actually wore their jerseys and most of the Spaniards at the bar did not. Therefore, you couldn’t tell which team they were cheering for until one of the teams scored. (It was bit awkward when I cheered loudly after Real Madrid scored and the Barca fan next to me proceeded to glare at me...) Anyways, even though Real Madrid did not win (but they will win in the next Clásico, I'm sure), I really enjoyed the night. The atmosphere in the bar was incredible and we had a nice big IES group  all cheering for Real Madrid. So it was certainly a really nice way to spend one of our last weekends together. However, soccer was not able to keep me in a good mood this week because of the departure meeting with IES. As the staff talked to us about adjusting to life back in the US, I realized that I wasn’t ready to go back yet. I have fallen in life with Salamanca and Spanish life  and cannot believe that I will be home so soon. I am very excited to see my friends and family back home but I will definitely miss every part of my life as a Salmantina. Why do all good things come to an end?
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