Barcelona, donde la gente esta muy loca?Salamanca, Fall 2011

This phrase, which translates to “the people are crazy,” is from a song that I have heard numerous times in Spain. I have also recently found out that this song is about the people in Barcelona. Therefore, I didn’t really know what to expect before I left my new home in Castilla y León and travelled across the country to Cataluña. (And don’t worry. I didn’t miss class. We actually had a few days off because IES had organized an optional hiking trip. So, those of us who didn’t go on the trip took advantage of this time to travel!) Anyways, ten of us from IES went to Barcelona by train, which was about a 9 hour ride (I don’t recommend that at all!), and enjoyed ourselves on the beautiful coast of Spain for a couple of days.  After the long ride, we went straight to our hostel to drop off our bags. It was my first time in a hostel and certainly an experience! Since we booked our rooms last minute, we weren’t able to all be together and had to split up in pairs. The hostel wasn’t as bad as I anticipated. Even though we slept in bunk beds next to complete strangers, most of the guests were students like ourselves who were also on vacation. Also, there were jars of nutella with toast for breakfast, which was a definite plus and free city tours, which we definitely took advantage of! After the hostel, we immediately began venturing into the city in search of food and stumbled upon a large outdoor market, where I literally died from food coma. From fruit and meat, to chocolate and nuts, the market had everything. Therefore, we certainly splurged a bit on some fruit and chocolate before heading to the Museu Picasso. I have always been a fan of Picasso’s work but never felt that I truly appreciated his work until I came to this museum. This museum showed the great diversity of Picasso’s work as there were pieces from different points of his life. Also, there even were many pieces from Van Gogh at the museum! So, I definitely could have spent hours in that museum and had to reluctantly pull myself away at the end of the day. More things about Barcelona: -Barcelona should really change its name to “Gaudí’s city” as his works are situated throughout the city. My favorite was definitely the Sagrada Família, Gaudi’s most famous work which is actually incomplete and expected to be complete in 2026. -As I have learned, the Basque people are not the only ones who are trying to break away from Spain and create their own country. Catalonia is trying to do the same, as Catalans do not even consider themselves Spanish. (and they even talk to you in English instead of Spanish!) -If you’re a Real Madrid fan like myself, don’t even think about wearing their jersey in the city. Barcelona takes great pride in their football team. (Stores are literally covered with Messi jerseys) Also, when talking to a taxi driver about the World Cup, he responded, “Spain only won because most of the players from the National team are from Barca.” Nonetheless, I bought a Casillas (captain of both Real Madrid and the Spanish National team) jersey and am very proud to wear it! [gallery link="file"]
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  1. Hi Dear Farima,
    I was surprised that you were in Munich but that is no problem, I know that you were with your friends and having fun in munich, I was also on friday in OKTOBERFEST :) ,, keep in touch and I am looking forward to see you again in munich ,,

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