Fall 2011 Contributors

We are delighted to announce that 34 students have been selected to blog for us this summer at blogs.iesabroad.org. The quality of written posts, photographs, and videos we received was fantastic. We invite you to check out the Fall 2011 blogs for yourself.

These students, representing IES Abroad programs around the world, will share their thoughts before departure, their lives during the program, and their feelings and experiences once they return home. More than 100,000 visitors have followed the study abroad experiences of IES Abroad bloggers since we launched the site in August 2008.

We invite you to follow the adventures of these students over the next few months:

Farima Alidadi – Salamanca, Spain

Lauren Anderson – Melbourne, Australia

Samuel Antill – European Union (based in Freiburg, Germany)

Natalie Asmussen – Granada, Spain

Sam Brody – Barcelona, Spain

Nora Chestnut – Paris, France

Sean Conard – Rabat, Morocco

Brennin Cummings – Berlin, Germany

Luke Edson – Cape Town, South Africa

Jennifer Edwards – Milan, Italy

Todd Faulkenberry – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Alanna Fusco – Paris BIA, France

Mariana Hernandez – Santiago, Chile

Toni Iyoha – Cape Town, South Africa

Randy Jackson – Tokyo, Japan

Samantha Juda – Gapalagos Islands, Quito

Ville Lampi – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Melissa Mascovich – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Elana Mayer – Santiago, Chile

Arielle Medina – Madrid, Spain

Lia Monti – Nagoya, Japan

Anna Mudd – Christchurch, New Zealand

Alexandra Pappas – Melbourne, Australia

Matt Prokosch – Siena, Italy

Jeff Reagan – Sydney, Australia

Lupita Ruiz – Nantes, France

Hannah Schultz – European Union (Based in Freiburg, Germany)

Cory Smith – Rome, Italy

Stefan Sokolowski – London, England

Brittney Stewart – Delhi, India

Kyra Swick – Beijing, China

Michael Tomczak – Vienna, Austria

Sunny Tsai – Shanghai, China

Zachary Zimmerman – London, England

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