Fall 2010 Contributors

Listed below are the Fall 2010 IES Abroad bloggers. Click on the Contributor's name to see their biography, head shot and their chronicles throughout their semester abroad. Daryl Alexsy - Berlin, Germany Yasemin Aytaman - Beijing, China Lindsay Beck - Nantes, France Jonathan Blakely - Buenos Aires, Argentina Noel Brennan - Granada, Spain Erin Butler - Quito, Ecuador Rosalia Cefalu - Barcelona, Spain Roger Cheng - Vienna, Austria Bridgitte Clark - Delhi, India Andrew Collins - Christchurch, New Zealand Morrie Conway - Siena, Italy Sean Fabery - European Union in Freiburg, Germany Amanda Fink - London, England Jamie Flaherty - Paris, France - BIA Program Nicole Friedman - Oxford, England Danielle Frye - Rome, Italy Michael Garlinghouse - Barcelona, Spain Jessie Giambra - Cape Town, South Africa Everly Harris - Delhi, India Sam Holden - European Union in Freiburg Germany Pearl Juang - Shanghai, China Robert Koenig - Santiago, Chile Andrew Lane - Dublin, Ireland Alicia Lee - Sydney, Australia Paige Levy - Amsterdam, Netherlands JB Martin - Auckland, New Zealand Michael Martinez - London, England Carrie Pichan - Madrid, Spain Charlee Redman - Paris, France - French Studies Program Kathryn Rother - Buenos Aires, Argentina Eduardo Salgado-Diaz - Tokyo, Japan Crystal Shei - Rabat, Morocco

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