Fall 2009 Contributors

Listed below are the Fall 2009 IES Abroad bloggers. Click on the Contributor’s name to see their biography, head shot and their chronicles throughout their semester abroad.

Kyle Bawot – Christchurch, New Zealand

Ryan Buesser – Nantes, France

Elizabeth Cancelosi – Salamanca, Spain

Ian Carrico – Beijing, China

Monideepa Chakravorty – European Union

Chelsea Dinsdale – London, England

Joy Fernandez – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nathaniel Greenley – Rabat, Morocco

Josh Hammerling – Freiburg, Germany

Miriam Haviland – Madrid, Spain

Ethan Heppner – Granada, Spain

Leslie Hynes – Tokyo, Japan

Lauren Kelly – Paris, France – BIA Program

Melinda Krajniak – Nagoya, Japan

Alexandra Lecce – Milan, Italy

Brynn Leggett – Barcelona, Spain

Joshua Malina – Auckland, New Zealand

Aleesa Mann – Barcelona, Spain

Olivia Margoshes – Melbourne, Australia

Mitchell Martineau – Vienna, Austria

Elliot Montpellier – Delhi, India

Amanda Ong – Shanghai, China

Rosemary O’Shea – Rome, Italy

Lucy Perkins – Santiago, Chile

Chelsea Rinnig – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Jessica Sprenkel – Dublin, Ireland

Gina Stack – Siena, Italy

Terence Steinberg – Oxford, England

Raffi Williams – Berlin, Germany

Nick Yarbrough – Paris, France – French Studies

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