Fall 2008 Contributors

Listed below are the Fall 2008 IES Abroad Blog Contributors. Click on the Contributor’s name to see their posts as they chronicle their journey throughout the semester abroad.

Jeremy Arnold – Rome, Italy

Anna Astanina – Paris, France – Business & International Affairs Program

Sarah Bradley – Granada, Spain

Brittani Conley – Barcelona, Spain

Sarah Harste – London, England

Elizabeth Hodgman – Madrid, Spain

Jade Lin – Beijing, China

Valerie Matron – Paris, France – French Studies Program

Anna Poloyni – Berlin, Germany

Andrew Ratzke – Melbourne, Australia

Jillian Rubman – Salamanca, Spain

Lynsey Smith – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Kallie Walker – Freiburg, Germany

Bristol Whalen – Berlin, Germany

Christina Wright – Barcelona, Spain

Roxanne Zerbonia – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Yanshuo Zhang – Dublin, Ireland

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