Life along the CaminoGranada, Fall 2009

Once you’re on your way along the Camino, living expenses are pretty low- in every sizable village, there is a municipal Albergue which offers beds in communal spaces for only 3€/night. Food isn’t too bad either- in-season fruit was especially cheap. I can’t remember how many peaches and oranges I ate along the way, but I know that I had a lot! Occasionally; I would enjoy a “menu del día” for lunch- a full three course meal with a drink for 8-9 €. Meeting interesting people along the way is hard not to do, and many others travel alone along the Camino alone like I did. Although I hadn’t taken a Spanish class in about 9 months, I was surprised how well I was able to converse in Spanish, and thanks to some very patient Spaniards, I improved a lot by the end of the week. Finally, the destinations were well worth all of the walking. The Romanesque cathedral of Santiago de Compostela and the nearby historic district were magnificent, and the cathedral’s museum included many interesting artifacts. The last twenty kilometers to Cabo Fisterra were the best of the whole trip, and included splendid views like this: ethan3 After spending a night in Fisterra, I took the bus back to Santiago de Compostela, and then the afternoon train back to Madrid, and started the program the next day!
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