TrentemoultNantes, Spring 2012

To the south of Nantes is a little fishing village called Trentemoult.  It was the destination of a weekend adventure this Saturday afternoon.  Sadly, the weather was not very agreeable, however the village still was.  To get there, we took the navibus, a boat which is actually part of the Nantes public transportation system. It wasn't some kind of mind blowing world wonder.  But within the narrow streets and curving passageways of this little community was a really beautiful simplicity.  It seemed to us one of the most relaxing places anyone could ever live.  After exploring the area for a few hours, we took the long way back and walked up to Nantes.  This took much longer than the boat, because we had to take a roundabout way to get over the Loire.  But it was a delightful place to pass an afternoon wandering around. [gallery link="file"]
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