The Departure WeekendNantes, Spring 2012

When I got into the hostel that last weekend, I was completely exhausted.  Emotionally drained.  Physically spent.  There was nothing I could do but lie on the bed, listen to music, and absorb and process everything I had just done.  The depart.  The train.  The journey. After some rest, I went down and ate, but I had no more energy.  On Sunday however, I left the hostel and checked out the Paris Catacombs with fellow IES student Karen, who was also in Paris.   There were an incredible amount of bones there.  Apparently they are from a few decommissioned cemeteries, from which the bones were moved into the underground tunnels beneath Paris.  There are miles and miles of tunnels which I believe were originally rock quarries.  The catacombs only take up a small fraction of the many tunnels and passages. After that, we walked around Paris a bit, and had dinner at a restaurant.  My final meal in France was duck, which I'm going to miss in the US.  It was then early to bed so that I could rise early.  My journey home would begin at 6:30 in the morning. [gallery link="file"]
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