Festivals, Protests and Large CrowdsBuenos Aires, Spring 2013

Buenos Aires is not for those with claustrophobia. With tall trees and towering doorways lining the streets, it is a crowded city that loves it’s crowds so much that it seizes opportunities to create them. From my neighborhood of San Telmo on sundays during the famous sunday fair, to the subtes and collectivos at rush hour, there are always tons of people around. So far, I have attended several public celebrations of various kinds that drew huge crowds – Cuidanza, an urban dance festival that took place in various spots of the city over four days, Urban Pesaj, an outdoor festival in celebration of the Jewish holiday of Passover, the Argentine Independent’s Underground Market, and various manifestations for workers rights and the national Día de la Memoría.

San Telmo Sunday Fair

Warehouse setting of the Argentine Independent’s Underground Market

Argentine Independent’s Underground Market

Dancers from the DRC at the Francophone Countries festival in San Martin’s Square.

Kids making matzah at the YOK Pesaj Urbano festival in Palermo.

Part of the march for the Día de la Memoría. H.I.J.O’s usually refers to those whose families were affected by the dictatorship – aka those whose family members were disappeared.

More marchers for Día de la Memoría

Dancers at Cuidanza in Plaza San Martin


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