Au Revoir Nantes!Nantes, Spring 2010

It is difficult to believe, but I have left Nantes for the last time. Alright, the last time is a little dramatic, I definitely hope to return at some point in my future, but I have left for the last time this semester. I am currently in London, traveling Europe for two weeks before facing reality and heading home to North Carolina. So far the trip is wonderful! I have gotten to see the Tower of London, and I spent an entire afternoon in Harrods. If a person was wealthy enough, I firmly believe that they could do every bit of their shopping in that magnificent store...I just had a good look around instead! My last few days in Nantes were great! I ended up going to my host family's beach house for the last two nights of the semester, so I said goodbye to Nantes a little early. The last night with IES we went on a dinner boat cruise along the Erdre. The food was delicious, and it was nice to spend time with everyone; one last hurrah! It was hard to say goodbye to all of the friends that I have made this semester, but I am sure we can see each other back in America if we choose to make the effort. Leaving my host family on Saturday was very sad. They have been wonderful to me and have really been the best part of my semester. They were so welcoming and kind. I am very thankful to have been placed with this particular family. I lucked out! After London, I will visit three cities in Switzerland, have a short stay in Paris, and then head home...finally!
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