The Giant BuddhaTokyo, Fall 2010 - Language Intensive

About an hour southwest of the city there lies a well known destination with many temples and shrines. After the train ride there me and four other friends started the walk to a shrine called Hasedera which has some on the best scenic views that you can get of the town. After seeing the town from the top we went into the mountain cave nearby. From Hasedera it was a 10 minute walk to Obutsu which literally translates to The big Buddha. It was jam packed with people and we had the amazing opportunity to actually go inside the Buddha. Not much to see inside but it was nevertheless interesting to see how it was built. By this time it was starting to get cloudy and we felt rain coming our direction. On our way to the last destination we wanted to see we got a bit lost through the winding streets and walked through small alleys filled with shops. We arrived to the last temple before the rain, giving us plenty of time to explore. As we were leaving our feet were tired and we all just wanted to sleep on the train back. We got back to Tokyo where we all parted ways for the night. The next couple of days I spent working at an english tutoring center. It was amazing getting to work with kids trying to learn english. The biggest part of my job was to help them with pronunciation and expose them to people from different parts of the world. For most of them I was the first hispanic that they ever met. I told them about Mexico and the US and they were so excited to hear about it from a foreigner. By the end of the two days I was tired but I shall let loose tonight on the dance floor! Tonight is the Red Bull BC One competition. One of the biggest breakdancing events in the world will be held in Shibuya and I plan to be in that vicinity to get a chance to see all of the b-boys and b-girls dancing.
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