One full day left!Tokyo, Fall 2010 - Language Intensive

In these finals moments that I have left in the U.S. I keep going through a routine in my head. First flight then second flight and then Japan. But once I get there I have no idea what I am going to do. I was hoping to climb Mt. Fuji on August 30th with a friend but due to some complications that plan is not longer on the table. Nevertheless I still wish to reach the summit of Japan. To watch the sun rise from the highest spot in the land of the rising sun would be amazing! Therefore from months of planning the route, timings, supplies, as well as the other logistics I am still very intent on doing it. Apart from the small stuff that I am planning I still need to get gifts for the people that I will meet over there. The worry of forgetting things is also setting in. I know how hard it can be to forget things, on a trip to Patagonia to do geological research, I forgot to bring pants. I mean I did not bring a single pair of pants. I have no idea what made me forget to pack them but I had to buy a new pair down there. Every hour that passes by I get more anxious and want to be on that jet plane heading west. Thanks to a friend (Mark) I have a place to stay for a couple of nights in Tokyo before the program starts. Until then I will enjoy the last of the Mexican food that my mother cooks for me and I guess that it will just have to make due for the next four months. I must now return to the careful packing to make sure that I do not forget anything (especially my passport). I must also make sure that I have enough entertainment to last me for the 13 hour flight over there. Looking forward to actually writing a blog about Japan rather than the preparation for it!
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