Viaje a ValenciaBarcelona, Spring 2012

This semester the IES program took all of us on a mandatory (but fun!) trip to Valencia. It was a good trip because we had some planned activities, but we also had a lot of free time to do our own exploring of the city. On our way to Valencia we  stopped at Torres Vineyards and went on a tour. Once in Valencia, we went to "La Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias" and had tickets to see the Oceanographic Museum. We also went on a guided tour of the old part of Valencia and of Cathedral Llotja and other important buildings there. Valencia is known for 3 foods: paella, horchata, and oranges. Some friends and I found a small secluded place for paella, and it was one of the best meals I've ever had. The oranges are also delicious. I had them for breakfast and dinner everyday there. Warning: Do NOT pick them off the trees on the street. Those are sour and not really meant for consumption (I know this from experience :/). Spacnish horchata is made out of a seed called "chufa" and is supposed to be very sweet. Although I did not have the horchata, I heard it was quite good. On our way back to Barcelona we stopped for a guided tour of Tarragona. It was very interesting to see the Roman ruins and all the history that Tarragona has. After that we drove to a restaurant where we had a traditional calçotada. A calçot is a type of onion (like a spring onion and a leek combination). They are grilled and served with a delicious sauce. We also had a lot of grilled meat and then for dessert we had oranges and Crema Catalana. It was more of a feast than a meal and it lasted a good 2 hours! I had a lot of fun on this trip . It was nice to see something outside of Barcelona and it was great because you get to know you're IES classmates a lot more.   [gallery link="file"]  
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