Paris, Berlin, and Amsterdam. Oh my!Barcelona, Spring 2012

Spring break was amazing! It was not exactly a vacation because there was so much to do, but it was amazing! I started off in Paris, and even though I had already been there, it was great to see everything all over again and from a different perspective. My favorite sights were the Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, and the Sacre Coeur. Next was Berlin. I absolutely loved Berlin! It has such a chill vibe; I wish I had stayed there longer. We took a free walking tour and we also went to a concentration camp. We also had the best kebab ever! My absolute favorite thing in Berlin was the East Side Gallery. It was so amazing! The night life is also really great and diverse. Amsterdam was interesting; very different from any place I had ever been to, but it was not my favorite. It reminded me too much of Disneyland. I think part of the fun of traveling to new countries is not knowing the language and being confused, but everything was in English and everyone spoke it. One really cool thing that happened was that it was international pillow-fight day and we participated in the city center. This trip was awesome! The great food, sights, and experiences made the long train rides and lack of sleep worth it.[gallery link="file"]  
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  1. Amsterdam, Disneyland? It’s the best city in Europe! But I can tell from your photos that you didn’t leave the touristy areas.

  2. Yeah, we stayed mostly in the touristy areas since our hostel was around there, but I talked to some Dutch people and even they said that Amsterdam was just touristy all the time. I guess I didn’t get that great of an impression and should have explored more, but I disagree on it being the best city in Europe, sorry.

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