Hasta Luego Barcelona.Barcelona, Spring 2012

When I think about what was going on in my life 4 months ago, I cannot believe it. I was in a new country basically alone and in a completely new environment. I miss Barcelona a lot and my new friends, but it is nice to be home. I had an amazing study abroad experience and I wouldn't change it for anything. I've only been home a week, but the most asked question has already been "what was your favorite part?". I hate this question because it is impossible to pick one specific part of my trip that was my favorite. I have come up with an answer and it is this: My favorite part was integrating into the experience. I did this by learning about Catalan culture and the language and also by knowing my way around Barcelona. I felt like if I had lived in Barcelona all my life and I think that that was my favorite part. I miss Barcelona a lot, but it wasn't a goodbye, it was an 'hasta luego'. [caption id="attachment_40374" align="alignnone" width="150" caption="I'm going to miss my host parents and their doggie, my roomie and other friends, and Barcelona. A lot."][/caption]
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