Els Encants Vells, Sunrise @ Parc Güell, & an FC Barça Soccer GameBarcelona, Spring 2012

[gallery link="file"] This week has been hectic! I have a lot of work before spring break and since I have a friend coming in I want to get it out of the way. I still saved some time to do some activities. I went to the Els Encants Vells market. It is a flea market that sells all sorts of stuff, new, but mainly old. I really loved this place because as the name indicates it has an enchanting atmosphere. It was cool to see all of the different types of things they sold, like record players, typewriters, clothes, posters, and so many other things. My roommate and I decided to get up extra early during the week to go see the sunrise at Parc Güell. It was quite the adventure because the main entrance is closed and we had to go through the back, but it was amazing. It was very beautiful and I would like to do that again, either there or at the beach. I also went to my first Barça game. It was amazing! I loved it and had so much fun. I am a big soccer fan and love Messi and Xavi so seeing them play was so great! We had pretty good seats even though it was a little rainy and windy. It was a great game because besides for Barça winning 5-3, Messi scored 3 goals completing his 8th hat trick and making Barcelona soccer history; it was an amazing experience. I have a friend coming in next week and we will be doing a lot of sight-seeing so more pictures to come. Also I will be going to Paris, Berlin, and Amsterdam for spring break so that will be a lot of fun and very picturesque.  
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  1. Tommy R, I understand your response, wanting to pretend none of this is happening. But we’ve got to face reality.

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