Wax on, wax offRabat, Fall 2010

Five days after my initial flight, I'm finally home, thanks to bad French customer service and atrocious European weather. I don't miss Morocco terribly yet, because it hasn't completely sunk in that I'm not going back for the forseeable future. The littlest things have been the strangest for me: seeing giant cars everywhere, being inundated with racy ads and media in general, the diversity in the crowds around me. I had the most surreal moment the other day, picking up an apple and feeling all of the wax on it. Huh, wax on apples, seems ridiculous to me now. Things like that, where the difference is too slight for me to put my finger on, yet it's something glaringly different from what I've become used to. It's strange too, waking up in a big bed, swinging out and feeling my toes sink into the carpet, walking over to my closet and having it stuffed full of clothes that I own. Being back in the bubble of suburbia after living in an urban environment in a developing country; it's going to be a bit of an adjustment. And I feel a bit strange, a little bit off, and a little let down. Like my three months away was a whirlwind of activity and emotions so saturated that I couldn't quite process them all, and now I'm just sitting, literally, with nothing to explore and nothing to confront. But it is nice to be home, being with family, eating my favorite foods, seeing everything familiar. I just don't quite know how to react to it all yet. But anyway, I think the best way to deal with all this is to stop thinking so much, and just enjoy the week I have at home with the people I love. This feels like an awkward goodbye, the kind that you don't want to say, where one reaches for the hug and the other for a shake.. so I'll make it a quick goodbye, IES Rabat, you've given me a hell of a ride.
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