One more time with feelingRabat, Fall 2010

So I'm a crier. When I was little, I cried at losing, I cried when someone died in a movie, I cried when I was embarassed, I cried when I was frustrated. Now that I'm older, and obviously more mature, I've become someone who cries at goodbyes, at airports, and (still) at cheesy parts of the movie( when mufasa died, SO SAD). Mostly at goodbyes though, which is going to be difficult this week, as it's filled with lasts and goodbyes. And it's hard, getting to this place where I feel comfortable, finally, and then leaving. Feeling that through the ups and the downs and the random outbursts and meltdowns of our small group, we helped each other adjust and survive, and thrive, even. And the words family and love come to mind, because this group has become my support group for these three months: people that I love to love and love to hate. But I won't use those words, cause that would be too cheesy, and then I would of course cry. So cheers! Here's to study abroad, to the wonderful IES Rabat staff (SiBaghdadi and Fouad), our wonderfully patient professors, to new and scary learning experiences , and a wonderful, wonderful country. I'll be back, Morocco, inshallah إن شاء الله
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  1. You are such a talented writer.I enjoy reading your blogs so much

  2. Hi Crystal! I’m looking into spending a summer in Morocco, as my Arabic professor is from Morocco and it seems like an interesting crossroads in the Arab world for me. Plus, it’s close to Spain, which already feels like a second home to me.

    Random question, but are you Chinese?? (judging from your last name…) If you are, that’s cool cause I’m Chinese! =] Totally random, but getting back on track…

    I hope you enjoyed your time in Morocco, and it’s so great that you studied Arabic!

    I suck at goodbyes too. haha

    bye bye!

  3. Crystal,
    It was great reading your blog as it allowed me to relive parts of my stay in Morocco. Additionally, it was ممتازة seeing photos from your experiences at places I had visited. As I am sure you’re seeing now, it’s crazy being back in the USA but it allows you to cherish the crazy experiences in the medina and trying to haggle your way around the country.

  4. @Raja: Thank youuu, I miss your arabic class a lot!

    @Connie Luo: Yeah, I’m Taiwanese actually. If you want to talk to me about Morocco, or have any general study abroad questions, let me know and I can give you my email :)

    @Andrew Clinkman: Aw, I’m glad you enjoyed it, and I enjoy how you described it “haggle your way around”. Very accurate haha

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