Melting in MoroccoRabat, Fall 2010

Traveling from SF to Rabat was a surprisingly tiring experience, but right after arrival I was too excited at the prospect of wowactuallybeinghere that I jumped in the shower, and then jumped at the task of exploring the city. I, along with three other fellow students, wandered around the medina. Crowded with men hawking cheap plastic toys, men pushing carts full of sugary goods, and men guarding storefronts, I began to be a bit overwhelmed at the amount of testosterone. That, plus the heat and language differences created a jumble too complicated for my jetlagged senses, and we soon headed back to the hotel room to wait off the heat. I realized a number of things in the short hour that we walked around the city: 1. Morocco has the vibe of some asian cities I've been too, all hustle and hawking 2. I should count change that is given to me when I purchase things 3. I have absolutely no french skills (contrary to my prior belief that I had a tiny sliver of french skill) I'm a little too tired to formulate any more sentences, so pictures! [gallery link="file"]
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  1. wow! IES looks like a great program! thanks for the nice post crystal shei! hope you have a good time in Morocco

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