Riding the Emotional Roller Coaster that is EcuadorQuito, Fall 2012


In one short week in Ecuador I have experienced a wider range of emotions than I have in the last year at home.

View from IES Abroad Center

Nervousness- When I took off Saturday night for a country I knew little about but had been warned was dangerous.

Awe- When I stood on both hemispheres at once.

Awkwardness- When our group first met and I attempted to converse in Spanish.


Monastery Bell Tower


Disbelief- When I walked on the roof of a monastery overlooking the city, up into its bell tower, and down under the building to its’ cemetery.

Pride- When I took the bus in Quito by myself for the first time.

Boredom- As we listened to the security and health talk for the 50th time in two days.

Insecurity- As I attempted to speak to local Ecuadorian students in Spanish.

Terror- When I got off the bus at night with friends I had just met and realized my house was too far away to walk by myself, so I made up an elaborate plan to avoid being in a sketchy situation.

Happiness- When I tried to salsa for the first time in a club.

The Town of Mindo

Comfort- As I lied in my bed at night knowing I had a great day.

Anxiousness- As I left for Mindo with my friends without bus tickets or even the times of buses, without any hostel reservations, or even any basic plans.

Confusion- When I looked at the 14-year-old boy who was giving me two minutes of instructions before I repelled down 152 feet of waterfalls knowing he was the only person who could save me if I fell.

Fear- As I leaned back with nothing under me and water hitting my body as I started my first repel down to the ground.

Relief- When my feet hit the ground and I was safe.

Amazement- As I sat by a fire  with people I had just met but felt I had known forever.

Creepiness- When I saw spiders in the amazing $10-a-night hostel we stayed in.

Confinement- When my friends Kylie, Tamar and me decided that we would all sleep in the same double bed in order to share the only the mosquito net.

Look Ma No Hands

Joy- Every time we rode in the back of a truck, speeding up and down dirt hills as we looked out at the cloud forest and surrounding nature that exists in Mindo.

Straight Lampin' it


Bliss- As I rested in a hammock watching humming birds.

Excitement- To go tubing for the first time down Rio Linda rapids.

Adamancy – In my decision not to go zip lining after only two minutes of Spanish instruction and watching blood spill down the face of a girl who smashed her face on the last rope.

Love- Of my trip so far!

The cool thing about it is that I experienced even more emotions and did even more activities than that in this one, short week, but it would be too long to explain.




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  1. What a week!! Sounds like loads of fun…so long as the misquito net is near by :-0 I’m thinking that it may have been awkward to share so much so soon with your “net decision” but I’m betting it was one of the really smart choices all of you could make. Loved the pictures…send more :-) ))!

  2. Que bueno!
    Eres lo mejor!
    Sigue haciendo todo lo que puedes hacer y disfrutar la vida.
    Me parece un experiencia muy bonito y importante para ti.
    Un abrozo y besitos!

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