Hong Kong Pt.2Shanghai, Spring 2012

Our week in HK was completely booked except for Monday. Unfortunately, like every other day we were in HK, it was pouring rain. But when we started out from our hotel that morning, the sky was deceptively clear and so we thought that after we ran a few errands, we would head to The Peak, HK's most recognizabe land mark. Every travel book suggests going to the Peak because it is high enough that it has a great view of the city and ocean.  As a profile picture enthusiast, I was very excited about seeing this famous view and taking lots of photos. This is what it looked like when we first got there. And then when we climbed to the top this was the view we found. It was an interesting experience being inside of a cloud but I still would have liked to have seen some of the city. It did clear up in the evening though so we went to HK's avenue of stars to watch a light show they have on the river and then look for famous HK actor we would know. Apparenty my hands are about the same size as Jet Li's. The rest of the week our time was scheduled pretty tightly. My favorite experience though was going to a HK elementary school and talking to the students there. It was an experiemental school. The ides is to try to get away from the emphasis on memorization that Chinese schools are known for and instead teach analytical thinking. I would say it was one of the best school I've seen because they try to incorporate lots of fun into their curriculum. They had the mandatory classes; chinese, english, math, and science but they also had really great art and music facilities as well as a class called "the dream factory" that they made robots in! We each had two student ambassadors to show us around the school and they were adorable! One of mine was a very good boy and and the other one was a trouble maker. See if you can guess which is which. They were both 9 years old and could speak great english as well as contonese and mandarin. They took me around to all of their classes and introduced me to anyone who came by. The trouble maker was the more talkative and he would tell me about all the different pranks and problems he'd caused in each class while the good one only spoke to correct his english or to remind us that we were running out of time and needed to move on. I thought they were a great team. I wish I could've gone to such a cool school but even if I were Hong Kongnese, it's a boys only school.    
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  1. Oh so cool. Looking forward to more stories.

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