Hong Kong pt.1Shanghai, Spring 2012

I am very excited to say that I am currently in Hong Kong. Hong Kong, where you can access facebook! Hong Kong, where there is democracy (kindof)! Hong Kong, where you can buy SO many designer purses! Despite living in China for the past seven months I knew surprisingly little about Hong Kong. I was aware of the One Country, Two Systems policy (One country, multiple systems if you count all of China's autonomous regions) and I knew that they had been under British rule until 1997 but that was about it. And actually,  everyone else I was travelling with knew just that much as well. So to launch us head first into our Hong Kong eperience, we spent the first two days here attending a conference that brought together fifty of Hong Kong's top college students to discuss what Hong Kong needed from it's leaders for the next ten years. It was basically a weekend long think tank broken up with lectures by various researchers and at the end we wrote up a ten page proposal that will be sent to Hong Kong's Chief Executive. The conference was held in a more "remote" area of HK, higher up in the mountains. It was beautiful, had lots of wild life, and the beds were really comfortable (very rare in China). How did I contribute to this exciting opprotunity to take an active role in HK's governing? Weeeeeeeell... the first day I payed really close attention to what my group members had to say and asked a lot of questions. By the next day though, it was apparent that I had nothing to offer except nods and "hmm, that's really interesting" and so my group reverted to speaking cantonese. That's the type of Chinese I don't understand. The last few hours consisted of me chatting with a guy from Korea who also spoke no cantonese but enjoys tennis, angry birds, and reddit. The interests that cross cultures in fascinationg really. I actually did learn a lot about HK though and I'm learning even more now that we have lectures everyday on the various aspects of HK culture. So basically what I'm saying is, I'm an expert on Hong Kong ;) That's what that certificate says, "Officially an Expert on Hong Kong".  
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