Gone to Hangzhou Pt.2Shanghai, Spring 2012

I'm not sure we would have ever left the hostel if we had brought snacks with us that day. Around 7pm though, my stomach was grumbling so I convinced Luke that we should  at least explore the street below for something to eat. We were staying in an older part of the city that had been cleaned up for tourism so it was gorgeous. It also happened to host a night market filled with delicious street food. After we had walked up and down the street a few times, sampling from different stalls we were full but weren't sure what to next. While we had been walking we had noticed two lights in the sky that seemed to be coming from the hills. On a whim we decided to go check it out  and the closer we got to the hill the brighter and more beautiful they seemed. Once we got to the foot of the hills, we realized that the original two lights were searchlights that were apart of a temple higher up. We found a path and started climbing despite the way being dark and being unsure of what we would really find up there. This is what we found. This is Hangzhou's city god temple and at night, it is brilliant. The temple is open till 9pm so we bought tickets and climbed to the top where there is a view of the most beatiful city skyline I have ever seen. We stayed for over an hour just enjoying the beatiful view and clear sky.  
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