Daytripping in NanjingShanghai, Spring 2012

One of the things I really enjoy about living in Shanghai is how close and easy it is to go to other historical and famous Chinese cities. Most recently I went to Nanjing over the Qing Ming holiday with three friends. Nanjing has lots of things to offer tourists but we only had one day there and because I was the one plannig the trip, we did the thing I wanted to do which was hiking at Zhong Shan national park. I love the outdoors! Being outdoors, doing activites outdoors, feeling outdoorsy, its all good in my book. Last semester I lived in Xi'an and I got to spend some of my weekends in the country side and hiking the nearby mountains which was wonderful. Living in Shanghai though, I don't really get to do those sort of things so I was fairly excited to do this. Two things that all my planning did not account for 1) Qing Ming is a national holiday that EVERYONE gets off 2) I am a slow walker and my travelling companions are all 5'10"+ who even just going to class I have to jog to keep up with Getting there was fairly simple and surprisingly pleasant . We rode a high speed train there that only took 75 minutes to reach Nanjing and was more comfortable than a plane.  We wondered around a bit on arrival, trying to get an idea of where we were and where we were going but figured things out soon enough and found that two line transfers on the subway would take us exactly where we wanted to go. We got to the entrance and this is were it occured to me that because the park was free, it might be a popular site for other holidayers as well. Crowds are just a part of living in China though and really don't bother me much anymore although my fellow travellers are still adjusting. This was only a problem because sometimes when you are one girl travelling with three guys, everything will be your fault. Especially when our first detour is actually a mistake that sets us half mile out of our way... We did find our way back to the main path though and made it to Zhong Shan's most famous site, the Sun Yat Sen memorial. This is a memorial built in honor of Dr. Sun Yat Sen who is Chinese national hero. From an American point of view, you could compare his popularity to Abraham Lincoln only, his memorial is even bigger. This is the front gate The mid gate The hike to the actual memorial So he's kindof a big deal.        
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