Walking WeekendsDublin, Spring 2012

This past weekend I spent doing many things, but mostly I walked. Dublin is a very walkable city. Although there are many forms of public transportation, I would rather walk and save my money! I visited a lot of Dublin culture sites along the way. My favorite of which was the Christchurch Cathedral. It's hundreds of years old and probably the most beautiful building I've ever visited. There's a really rich history that even I found interesting, which is surprising because history and I don't get along so well. The Cathedral has been used in many films and TV shows, including The Tudors. [caption id="attachment_36015" align="alignnone" width="225" caption="Here's a shot from inside the Cathedral. I wish I was either a better photographer or you could come see this for yourself!"][/caption] I also paid a visit to the Chester Beatty Library at Dublin Castle. There were two great exhibits: one about World Religions and another about Chester Beatty's personal collection of ancient texts. Also, thanks to an IES connection, I got to see another play for free! It was called Goddess of Liberty and although I didn't love it, it was an entertaining night at the theater! Oh, per usual, I ate a ton of food. Friday was the Grand Canal Lunchtime Market and Saturday was the Temple Bar Food Festival for the third time! [caption id="attachment_36018" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Food market along the canal - I had chips, without the fish..."][/caption] While I walked around like I nomad, I stumbled upon the piece of street art below. Surprisingly, Dublin has a lot of great street art that's worth checking out. [caption id="attachment_36016" align="alignnone" width="225" caption="Life lessons on the streets of Dublin."][/caption] My friend and I were talking on Monday and we agreed that we really love Dublin and are so happy to be lucky enough to spend the semester here.  
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