Tarragona and MontserratBarcelona, Fall 2008


This album has just a few shots from both Tarragona and Montserrat. Tarragona is a town which is about an hour train ride from Barcelona. It is right on the water and the views are absolutely beautiful. In addition to Tarragona's natural beauty, it also boasts a rich and interesting history as well. Scattered throughout the city are Roman ruins (including an Amphitheatre). In fact, the ruins are so numerous that some of the shops and restaurants have walls which are directly attached to the ruins! It really is a great destination for a day trip outside of Barcelona.

In addition to the Tarragona pictures, I've included a few shots from Montserrat. I was very fortunate to meet a very nice guy on the plane ride from the United States to Barcelona. He offered to show me around, and next thing I knew- invited me and all of my friends to go to his weekend house in Montserrat! The mountain itself was breathtaking, but by far my favorite part was the impressive Cathedral. Now being in Spain, I have had the opportunity to see my fair share of Cathedrals, but the one at Montserrat, for me, topped them all!

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