First Week in Barcelona!Barcelona, Fall 2008

So I've been here in Barcelona for a little over a week now and I'm pleasantly surprised by all the wonderful things that have been happening. First off, my apartment is wonderful. Both the location (only a 2 minute walk to the metro and then a 8 minute metro ride to school) and the view cannot be beat. The weather, although a bit hot and humid the first few days, is absolutely perfect now.

Anyways- after spending just a few short days in Barcelona, we left for the weekend as part of an orientation field trip sponsored by IES. We traveled to both Peníscola and Valencia and, of course, they were beautiful. I got to stay in a very nice hotel and during the trip I actually made some really great friends that I'm continuing to get to know now that we are back in Barcelona.

So all in all- I feel extremely fortunate that everything has fallen into place in a seemingly magical and too good to be true kind of way. I'm excited and very much looking forward to what is to come!

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